Sunday, June 3, 2012

Top 9 musthaves

Sometimes you need a couple of statement pieces to get your wardrobe totally up to date or give it that spice you need. Here my top 9 musthaves!

Maxi dress
A long summerdress is alway good enough. Perfect for a beach day, but it's also cool for a late night beach party.

Statement sunglasses
Sunglasses are always nice to buy. When you buy a piece which is more explicit you give yourself more personality at the beach!

Printed trousers
This summer it's back: the printed trousers. Go for explicit with a trouser with a striking design. 

Striking necklace
Accessoires make or break your outfit. Trending this summer is the necklace and not the simple variant, no, it can be big and striking!

Flat shoes
Not always in the mood for heels? Flat shoes are hot! You can't conceive. Stylish and funky.

Hats are hot! Handy for the sun, paparazzi and very stylish!

It's like candy! That's what hand-bags are this summer.

Captoe pumps
I wrote about it in an earlier post and it's definitely a musthave for this summer! 

Sparkling earrings
Diamonds are a girls best friend. Alright, now you don't need to have diamond earrings to make a smashing impress, but your earrings may be seen this summer! I love sprakles...

Which musthave do you like the most?

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