Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY: Pom Poms

Today, I am sharing a little project just perfect for spiffing up that ol' "something" of yours... pom poms! Whether adding them to the corners of a pillow (like me) or topping a present with a cluster of them, they're sure to add a fun touch to just about anything. 

First, gather your supplies. This is what you'll need:

Wrap yarn around your fingers (30+ times). The more times you wrap, the fuller and larger your pom pom will turn out. 

Once you have the desired amount of yarn wrapped around your fingers, cut a separate piece of yarn 6-8 inches long and slip it between the middle fingers. Tie it around the entire bundle of yarn. 

Slip the bundle off of your fingers and double knot the tied string. 

Cut the loops of yarn.

Once, you've finished cutting loops, you'll be left with a messy pom pom. I do like the way the messy pom pom looks for a package topper, but for pillow corners, I think a full, more rounded pom pom looks best. 

So, while holding the 2 longer strings that you tied the yarn bundle with, begin trimming some length off of the yarn. Be intentional with your cutting, so that you form a round ball. Sharp scissors will make this step much easier. 

Once you have your round pom pom, knot the 2 long strings that you've been holding. Make this loop very small, but large enough to see and sew through.

Using the loop that you just made, attach to a pillow corner by sewing through numerous times. Once the pom pom is securely attached, trim the long ties. 

Repeat for the remaining 3 corners of your pillow and there you have it... a very inexpensive and quick way to take an ordinary pillow to the next level. 

Very cute, wouldn't you agree?

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