Friday, June 22, 2012

15 things what will make you HAPPY!

At some days it looks like life is just a big party, and at other days not. Help yourself then to think what's lovely and hapiness!
Therefore, today 15 things what will make you HAPPY!

It's summer. That means it hopefully get warmer, the holiday is almost there, more time off, the park in, go outside, dresses, flip flops, sunglasses, sun-glare! Yeah! Life is so more fun when the sun shines!

The moment that you can hang around at home in a comfortable outfit and do nothing!
No make-up, do what you want, read some books, sleep, listen to music... How nice is that!

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Reading the blogspost on Belle et Beauty

After a holiday or a periode with doing nothing get back to work very hard, or going back to school. Totally yet of the holiday!

WIFI. It's so very easy to have internet connection through the air! I'm very glad it does excist. And it makes blogging a lot more easy!

A lovely hot shower or extended bath. With some hot water, nice showerstuff, all the time to relax and enjoy the hot water and fine aroma's! Hmm...

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Lovely friends or family! All you need is love...

Wake up and hear the the birds chirping. Instant happiness!

Doing something you won't actually dare. After you did it, you'll feel you on the top of the world! You can do anything you want..

Travelling is fun and it's more fun when everything pass by plianting! Love that feelling!

You were totally not in for that day. You have to do a lot, so much you were afraid to don't make it. You stood up early, going to work, and then there's the moment everyting is done. The last 'to-do' has done. Wow, that feels so nice!

Before your alarmclock rings wake up and feel clever, take a hot shower, doing your make-up very nice just in one time, realise you're having a good hair day, having breakfast relaxed, by bike to your work or school. Wow, the perfect way to begin your day. Stepped out the bed with your good leg. Nice!

Look forward to something where you have a lot of meaning in. It make me so happy to look forward to a very nice happening!

Getting a big hug of someone. That makes so happy!

Having a zen-moment and realise what you have. How happy you should be with everyting you've reached, what you own, the people around you, the circumstance you live. Count your blessing and realise how good you're life is! Enjoy, life is not that long!

Do you like these 15 things..?

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