Thursday, August 23, 2012

Color changing nailpolish

Can't you choose between pink or purple on your nails? Color changing nailpolish is the solution. Moodrings who changes colour and Barbie clothes which colour changed in hot water are very old school. But in nailpolish area the color changing trend is back!

Color changing nagellak

Varnish your nails yellow and don't like the colour anymore? Hold your nails in hot water and the yellow colour turns orange! Again in the mood for yellow? Hold your nails in cold water and the nailpolish returns to the first colour. 
This nailpolish is also very handy to get ombre nails. Hold the top of your nail in hot water and you get that dip-dye effect on your nails without messing up.

Check the clip below for the color changing effect:

What do you think of color changing nailpolish?

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