Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to: Marble stone nails

Varnish your nails just like a beautiful marble stone.
This nail-art looks very though, but it's super easy. Follow the steps below and watch the clip for all the details!


  • 2 colours nailpolish
  • Plastic bag
  • Top coat

Step 1
Varnish your nails in the basic colour of your "marble stone". Be careful that the polish is opaque enough.

Step 2
When your nails dry, you start with the second colour. Crumble the plastic bag and varnish up a crumbeld chunk plastic the second colour. Then put the crumbled bag on your nail. Now you have that "crackle effect" like a real stone.

Step 3
Varnish a top coat on it for some extra shine and protection!

Watch the clip for a visual explanation!

What do you think of the marble stone nails?

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